Building Construction and Hardware Supplies Division

BaTach Priority One Company Limited handles a broad range of hardware building materials and construction equipment and machinery consistent with the requirements of customers regarding cost, quality, and functionality.

Our Portfolio comprises of :-

Hardware Supplies
we import a number of raw materials, fixtures, fittings and electrical products as well as supporting local manufacturers.

Building materials

We stock a wide variety of cement from the leading manufacturers in the country.


Our supplies comprise of the following :-

18-gauge binding wire
Fe 500 TMT steel
Fe 500D TMT steel
Fe 500D TMT steel 10mm
Fe 500D TMT steel 12mm
Fe 500D TMT steel 16mm
Fe 500D TMT steel 20mm
Fe 500D TMT steel 25mm
Fe 500D TMT steel 8mm
Threaded coupler

Building Supplies

Bathroom Supplies and Plumbing Supplies

Wall tiles, Door tiles wooden Flooring Marbles tiles and tiles acrylic

Electrical Supplies

Light panels batter tiles
One of the best things about LED panel lighting is the range of options available. Our LED panels are our most popular product. Perfect for ceiling or wall mounting, they have an extremely efficient output to energy use ratio. As with all LEDs you can expect a longer lifespan, better quality of life and
improved flexibility too.

Light Fittings and bulbs

Electricals Fuses and circuit Breakers

Light Switches & Electrical Outlets
We also have light switches and outlets that suit all interiors and exteriors. Be it beautifully crafted switches made from natural materials, ambient dimmer switches, or weatherproof sockets that can withstand extreme conditions

Flood and street light
“Go green energy, save planet earth” imbued have that solution in our vast solar experience by utilizing and harvesting solar energy in a continent that have more than 5 hours in day, 365days of potential sun.

Integrated solar flood lights
We supply all in one flood light solar powered super bright with auto on and off switch and lights dawn to dusk.

Street lights
We supply standalone solar street lights that are super bright with auto on and off switch and lights dawn to dusk

Solar battery
We supply solar batteries with the following features Solar battery 12(vdc) 100 AH to 300 AH

Solar pv system
Both mono and Poly from 80 watts to 300 watts

Solar water heating
We supply and install solar water heating system with the following features
1. Flat panel: direct/ open loop system, indirect/closed loop system
2. Heat pipe: pressurized system, non-pressurized system
3. From 100 liters -300 liters