Estimating Project Cost and Management

Our project estimate and cost management help us create more precise and timely project estimates, increase specific accuracy which improves the project.

Our planning, program and risk solution helps us create risk-adjust plans to achieve more than 75% confidence in project execution cooperatively. Our BaTach construction scheduling solution uses state of the art, cutting edge 3D plan to give us an accurate daily guide of work, materials and time of accomplishment

What information do you provide?

Our mission in West Africa is to buy large parcels of lands for BaTach Construction and BaTach Real Estate to plan and develop into a Major Resource, Construction, Infrastructure, and Real Estate projects. We aim to reduce the frustration of lack of proper low cost housing, resolve infrastructure degeneration and stagnant degradation in rural and urban areas. We aim to achieve this by team working with the government and NGOs to spearhead this cause. We deliver accurate, timely, reliable and essential intelligence on major project development that is import in formation in line with this.

What projects are covered?

Sixty percent of building construction project we have done is privately owned or by a private entity. Twenty five percent of Industrial construction project are publicly owned by the government and private entity. Fifteen percent of heavy civil construction project is publicly owned by the government and private entity. Construction project refers to the actual facility being constructed.

These are:

• Building construction

Building construction includes both residential (single and multi-family houses) and commercial (office buildings, shopping centers and warehouses).

• Industrial construction

Industrial construction refers to energy facilities (oil and gas, solar fields), factories, industrial units, warehouses and other large-scale facilities.

• Heavy civil construction

Infrastructure/Civil construction, includes public works projects like roads networks, bridges, airports, dams, pipelines, railways, tunnels, highways, transit systems, drainage systems, aqueducts and sewer system, that BaTach pride itself in.

Building Construction

BaTach architects have designed modern residential and commercial buildings for satisfied clients such as single-family, privately owned and private entity. BaTach have added value to their residential building to create a dwelling for client.

BaTach Construction has a history of constructing building that has impressed the masses including a huge variety of projects such as; building restaurants, grocery stores, skyscrapers, shopping centers, apartment complex, units, sports facilities, hospitals, private schools and universities, etc.

Industrial Construction

When it come to Industrial construction BaTach construction have equipment, technology, safety regulation in place and specialised skills for the past, present and future projects.

BaTach Construction possess the expatriates knowledge and specific skills needed to complete the work. In Industrial construction, BaTach construction has constructed factories, power plants, industrial units, warehouses and other facilities.

Heavy Civil Construction and Infrastructure

BaTach construction and infrastructure has accomplish quite a few civil engineering projects by using modern management technology, safety regulation and environmental management to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, finance, mediation, law, business, time, quality, and participating objectives. Even though civil construction project are renowned to be complicated tasks however, BaTach construction have the mastery of them with a yard to do precast concrete, transport, effective communication skill/gadgets, traffic control, environmental management and wildly shifting of heavy gears, depending on the work at hand. Whether it is agricultural, institutional, heavy civil engineering,

BaTach construction has the capacity and capability to handle it such as; large buildings, bridges, dams, pipelines, road networks, airports, railways, tunnels, highways, transit systems, drainage systems, and aqueducts. We are involved in both big and small construction and infrastructure. Our focus as a group of companies are on the involvement of the largest projects, which take years to build and can remain in service for decades.

What are the five project phases of a construction Life Cycle?

For many companies and organisations, the first obstacle when inaugurating a construction project is to comprehend how to plan to be successful at the numerous phases of the construction process. With BaTach construction having an understanding of each phase of the construction life cycle is essential and demands a deep plunge into the individual requirements of each phase and how they cooperatively work for the project to eventually succeed.

This achieves the highest level of satisfaction for all involved in the construction process. The five phases of the construction project lifecycle are:

• Project instigation and Conception
• Project Planning and Resolution
• Project Execution and Inauguration
• Project Completion
• Project Closure

These five subjects combine to create a well-grounded platform, from the start of each project undertaken by BaTach Constructions and Infrastructure.

Our Vision for each project is

1.Unsurpassed Quality, 2.Meticulous Detail, 3.Innovation, 4.Client Satisfaction, 5.Safety & Environmental Sensitivity.

Great team management starts with strong foundations.

Design & Construct

This is where the fusion of the ‘Design’ (the vision within the mind of the Architect) and ‘Construct’ (the skillful realisation of the vision) takes place. BaTach Construction are able to offer a comprehensive design and
construction service covering many project types. It is evident in the projects undertaken by our constructions that there is an inherent passion within the company for innovation, quality, aesthetics and devotion to detail. We are able
to work effectively through the many facets of building procurement; including site analysis, concept design, contract documentation and cost analysis thus enabling a design that is aesthetically pleasing that provides efficient building techniques and is within budget constraints. The journey to a successful and beautiful project can be arduous and is often the largest financial and emotive investment undertaken. A partnership with BaTach Constructions enables this journey to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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